55 Best Simple Engagement Rings for 2024

Best Simple Engagement Rings for 2024


Reasons for the popularity of simple engagement rings in 2024

Even though one of the main trends of 2024 is called chic and expensive engagement rings, simple engagement rings are still popular. Primarily because of the dire economic situation. Many people have lost a stable income and confidence in the future. However, you can not postpone a romantic relationship for later, as well as the desire to be together and get married. In difficult times, family traditions and the support of loved ones help to find a firm footing and look to the future without fear.


How much can I spend on an engagement ring?  


This topic is explored every year and 2024 is no exception. Once upon a time, in the 1930s, De Beers offered an advertising formula according to which the groom should spend a month's wages on the ring (at that time the De Beers jewelers had to get hold of a huge number of small diamonds (up to one carat), of which there are more in nature than any other stones. This was the reason for which the whole story was invented. In 1980, it was already two months; in the last decade, it came to the equivalent of three months' salary. However, the most recent National Wedding Survey showed that, for example, in the UK in 2021, grooms are willing to lay out about 2,419 pounds. And a survey conducted by an insurance company showed that the average spending on an engagement ring is about 1,483 pounds. Incidentally, back in 2016, the average ring cost £573. In the U.S., the average cost of an engagement ring is higher at $5,000. 



However, of course, not everything always comes down to money. When choosing such an important piece of jewelry, it is important to know and understand your partner. In many cases, young girls are not ready to wear heavy and expensive rings, which will be put on only on family occasions, the rest of the time the jewelry will spend time in a safe. Besides the fashion for minimalism among modern brides does not give up yet. Among the simple wedding rings, it is easier to choose a model that will fit into the everyday fashion closet and will not look pretentious.


Another common sense thought to help you determine your engagement ring value is this. It should be worth as much as you would feel good about losing. Will you have a heart attack or get a little frustrated with the romantic component of the jewelry, will you be able to make up for the loss as soon as next month? Consider what amount won't make you worry too much.


Not all couples start their romantic history together with bulky and expensive rings. By choosing a modest engagement ring, you get to renew your vows and the main ring in your life in a few years. It's also a good idea if you consider yourself a minimalist. The simple design and affordable price are just what the modern minimalist bride needs. Minimalist engagement rings also have a sophisticated design and sophisticated beauty.


Today, jewelry brands create a variety of engagement rings to suit all tastes and wallets - traditional style, heart engagement, simple solitaire, or minimalist eternity rings. Even diamond rings may not be as expensive as they seem. If you prefer responsible consumption, you can always choose a model with a moissanite or lab diamond. The cost of such pieces will be pleasantly less than you would pay for a large diamond ring.


What is a simple engagement ring?

The main thing that distinguishes such jewelry is simplicity and minimalism in design. Wedding jewelry can have one or more stones, and they don't have to be diamonds at all. Now there is a huge choice of gemstones based on your taste or social status. In this case, lab diamonds or moissanite come to the rescue. The design of the minimalist ring is laconic and devoid of pretentious decorations. With clean lines and simplicity, these minimalist engagement rings are an absolute dream for a modern minimalist engagement.


Simple engagement rings with natural gemstone


If you are not too impressed by diamonds, here are a few models of rings with colored natural gemstones. For example, if you look at the history of engagement rings of European aristocrats, most of their rings contained rubies and sapphires. Elizabeth II's sister Margaret received a large ruby for her engagement ring. When paired with diamonds it resembled a rosebud and looked very symbolic given the bride's full name, Margaret Rose.



Elizabeth's grandmother Princess Victoria Mary of Teck also received a ring with rubies - large, oval-shaped ones. Kate Middleton also passed on a family piece of jewelry - Princess Diana's sapphire ring. The model, which has survived so many copies that it has earned a ban on its reproduction, was presented to the princess in a way not quite traditional for an engagement. The princess-to-be chose her ring herself from a catalog. The legendary Wallis Simpson received an emerald framed by small diamonds. The engagement ring of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, mother of Elizabeth II, was traditionally made of yellow Welsh gold and decorated with a large blue sapphire framed with diamonds. Given the tradition of handing down jewelry from generation to generation, it is not surprising that brides from old aristocratic families received colored stones.





In the past few years, the fashion for colored stones in engagement rings has been making a comeback. If you choose a really good stone, you will only benefit. Quality rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and spinels are much rarer and more valuable than diamonds. And every year the price of such jewelry will only grow. 


Simple engagement rings with moissanite


Moissanite is a wonderful substitute for a diamond. Without a loupe and a tester, a common person would hardly be able to tell the difference between a diamond and moissanite jewelry, because diamond "doubles" shines so beautifully. For quite a long time, the stone was exotic and was known only to a narrow circle of gemologists. Now moissanite is the full-fledged economical version of diamond for Simple engagement rings.


How to choose a Simple engagement ring?

If you can't decide on a style of engagement ring, make some notes for yourself in a notebook. This will help you make up your mind: 

  1. What is the color of the shackle metal (white, yellow, or rose gold)?
  2. Will the ring be embellished with a pavé?
  3. Will it be a single-center stone or multiple stones in a cluster style?
  4. What kind of stones will they be - diamonds, colored or moissanite?
  5. What kind of engagement ring will you pair the Simple engagement ring with?

We know that brides' tastes are different and can't be the same, so we've tried to collect 50 of the best simple engagement rings in different styles.

Solitaire has just one stone in the design. It is the most traditional and simple style of engagement ring. If you like an elegant look and timeless style, the Solitaire is your choice. 






A small natural diamond as a solo is the perfect piece of jewelry for an important romantic proposal. The sleek design will be the starting point of a journey through simple engagement ring styles.



Cluster diamond setting engagement ring consists of nine stones of different sizes but creates the same alluring sparkle effect as a larger single diamond. Its laconic style suits young and gentle brides.




Three-stone diamond rings have a modest but very graceful look. In addition, these rings open up the possibility of assembling a set of several engagement rings. The stacked ring trend is also great for engagement rings.














One Diamond Ring


















































Custom Orders

Custom Simple Engagement Rings not always as expensive as you might think. We are willing to help you make changes to designs to give you the perfect result. You will be able to choose the band's width, size, and shape of the precious stones and make a personal engraving. Besides, creating a personal style does not take much time, especially if you know what result you want to get in the final.




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