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Gold Earrings

Personal Style 

There are girls for whom the gold earrings are the most important jewelry; they are worn with pleasure every day. Gold earrings are a great way to emphasize the contour of the face, the beauty of the earlobes, or the elegant neck. In addition, it is golden earrings that will make your image even more vivid, fashionable, and memorable.

How to pick Gold Earrings

Of course, golden earrings should be chosen based on your personal taste first. Even fashion trends and stylist's instructions will not replace your personal opinion about your beauty. Since gold earrings we also made using precious stones, we can offer several ways to choose these cute and irreplaceable accessories.

* If you choose 14k gold earrings with precious stones, you can wear items with sapphires and emeralds to emphasize the depth of color of your eyes.
* You can also choose a piece based on your wardrobe. In this case, you can wear them with stones to match clothes. For example, with a white dress, wear a piece of white diamonds, or pearls. Or make a contrasting image and wear emeralds with a raspberry costume.
* There is another 100% way to select gold earrings perfectly. This is to find a golden piece with gems by the month of your birth. If you were born in July, then your stone is ruby, April corresponds to diamond, March, aquamarine, and so on.

Key benefits of 14k gold earrings

1. You have noticed more than once that if you wear jewelry made of base metals for a long time, your earlobes begin to feel bad. First of all, there may be an allergy to nickel. This will not happen with 14k gold earrings. The fact is that the 14k gold alloy contains more gold than 10K, for example, and there are very few other components in it. This avoids allergic reactions.

2. Gold Earrings is a wonderful gift for any occasion and any girl from your environment. The main plus of such a gift is the opportunity to make a surprise since there is no need to find out the size and arrange a fitting. In addition, giving gold earrings is a non-binding step, unlike rings, which always have a certain symbolism behind them.

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