Custom-made diamond jewelry that can bring you pleasure

on a daily basis.


We are a family brand established in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2007. We produce engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings and pendants. These are mainly unique custom orders for our clients.


On February 24, 2022, we all woke up to the sounds of explosions, and missiles and helicopters were flying over our house. This was the beginning of russia's full-scale war against Ukraine (in fact, the war started back in 2014, on the territory of eastern Ukraine). That early February morning, my children and I went down to the basement of our house and were forced to live there for two weeks. It was impossible for us to evacuate because of the blown up bridge; we live in the suburbs of Kyiv. Only after two weeks we decided to take a big detour and went to western Ukraine. Already on March 31 we returned to Kyiv. We decided that we would not leave our country and would help people around us as long as we had enough strength and means.

On the first day of the war one of our jewelers went to the battlefront and some orders that we did not have time to send were literally locked up in his studio. We are grateful to our customers that none of them canceled their orders and patiently waited for us to resume production.

Already within a month after February 24, we were able to gradually get back to work. We also took on a humanitarian mission. In April and May 2022, we delivered food packages to the residents of the villages of Kyiv region liberated from occupation by the Russian army. Demydiv, Borodyanka, Dymer, Kozarovychi - we saw with our own eyes how much grief russia was bringing to the ordinary people of Ukraine. We are actively helping UAF by sending donations. Also after the accident at Kakhovska HPP we sent clothes, toys and water purifiers to Kherson region. Every month we collect a batch of humanitarian aid and send it to the affected territories.

All we want to say is never give up, as we do not give up. There are dark times, but it does not mean that your soul will darken. No matter how hard things get, good will always triumph over evil. May the Force be with you!