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2020 was the most difficult in recent years, but definitely the most memorable. Despite all the turmoil that happened life goes on as usual, and what could be more life-affirming (reassuring) than the wedding and the birth of a new family. For those planning a wedding in 2021, we have prepared a selection of the most relevant engagement rings trends for 2021.

 Engagement Rings Trends 2021

The most important trend to be aware of is that the cost of engagement rings will definitely increase in 2021. After the experiences and hardships of 2020, people begin to appreciate truly valuable and high-quality things. And since engagement ring is a multi-year investment, this purchase will be taken even more seriously in 2021 than before. The new ethic is also beginning to be expressed in the fact that it is better to buy one, but the best quality and good thing that you can find, than a few cheap ones.

White and rose gold

One of the most powerful trends for 2021 is white and rose gold rings decorated with colorless diamonds. The popularity of white gold did not begin today, but it will reach its peak by 2021. The engagement ring in white gold with white diamonds becomes another classic timeless symbol of the bride, just like the white wedding dress.


Classic Design

Another major symbol of bridal fashion 2021 will be the calm and classic design of engagement rings. A medium-sized bow in gold or platinum topped with a large round or oval solitaire is the perfect ring if you're looking to propose in 2021. Besides the classical designs are good because they never go out of fashion.

1 Carat Moissanite Ring

3-5 Stone Rings

Wedding jewelry fashion in 2021 is not just solitaires. Rings with the number of stones from 3 to 5 will also be incredibly popular. Moreover, the size of the stones remains at the discretion of the couple. It can be an engagement ring with one large diamond in the center and two on the sides, or a gold strip with three or five diamonds of the same size.

Promise Ring

Cluster Engagement Rings

Cluster Engagement Rings can be called perhaps the most spectacular rings in 2021. And if in 2020 clusters were modest with diamonds of very small sizes, then next year Cluster Engagement Rings will be difficult to miss on the bride's finger.

Engagement Diamond Cluster Ring

Dainty Rings to Complement Your Engagement Ring

For the past five to seven years, Dainty Engagement Rings have been the most popular. The trend of conscious consumption and the demand for things in the style of minimalism were the main reasons for this. However, 2020 has revolutionized the way people think about conscious consumption. In addition, as always, after big shocks, human psychology works in such a way that you want to get all the best that is possible and not put off until tomorrow.

 Aquamarine Bridal Set

A good example from the last century is the birth of the exaggerated feminine aesthetics of New Look after the hardships of World War II. In 2021 Dainty Rings become a Complement Your Engagement Ring. 


Stackable Engagement Rings

The story with Dainty Rings flows smoothly into the story with Stackable Engagement Rings. If in 2020 Stacks were thin and modest, then in 2021 Stackable Engagement Rings are decorated with large diamonds or colored gemstones.

Wedding Bands

Pastel shades

Along with the popularity of yellow diamonds, pastel-colored gemstones have gained new interest. Among the most important Engagement Rings Trends 2021 are models with colored center stones such as morganite, aquamarine, light blue sapphire and citrine.

Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Сhunky engagement bands

Modesty is the last thing grooms will think about when choosing an engagement ring in 2021. Powerful in the literal and figurative sense, Engagement Rings Trends 2021 are Chunky Engagement Bands. Especially large and massive models have replaced Stackable Engagement Rings. The case when one ring can replace five.

Pave Diamond Band

LAB Diamond Engagement Rings

The fashion for large diamonds has sparked a particular interest in LAB Diamond Engagement Rings. And it's not just about responsible consumption, conflict-free mining and ethical origins at LAB Diamonds. It's also about the price. When it comes to large stones, tens of thousands of dollars are used. LAB Diamond Engagement Rings are able to reduce the bill by exactly half.

Engagement LAB Diamond Cluster Ring

Black bands

Black gold, or rather gold plated with black rhodium, is also gaining popularity. Against such a dramatic backdrop, large colorless diamonds look even more spectacular. Blackened Gold Bands can be classified as the most original item on the 2021 Engagement Rings Trends list.

Citrine Gemstone Ring

Timeless Treasures

It is perfect when the family has an engagement ring that can be inherited. However, not everyone who wants to go down the aisle has such treasures. This is where jewelers come to the rescue and can create a heirloom-inspired Engagement Ring. And let it not be your great-grandmother's ring, but just in appearance it will look like a vintage Engagement Ring. In addition, no one can forbid you to establish a tradition of transferring the ring in your family. But for this to be truly Timeless Treasures, gems must be chosen very carefully.

Emerald Engagement Ring


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