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Wedding Sets

Your perfect wedding set

Choosing wedding sets is no less responsible event than buying an engagement ring. This is a piece of eternal jewelry for a couple: a wife and a husband, which they will wear after their wedding vows throughout their lives. Traditionally symbolic rings of love, fidelity, and trust, future spouses choose together. For many newlyweds, it is very important to have the same design. It is these jewelry sets that distinguish the couple from other people and show the true status of the wife and husband. Even if you are in different parts of the room, your hands will say everything without words. Therefore, wedding sets called the most important family jewelry that symbolizes the union of two loving hearts.

Engraving inside

In order to make the wedding set unique to the classic design, you can always add a romantic inscription inside the ring. It can be a wedding date, cute intimate names of the newlyweds, or a special word for them. One2Three Jewelry jewelers will be happy to make the engraving. You only need to coordinate the design, as well as be sure that the inscription fits inside the piece.


Unique Wedding Sets

Creating unique jewelry according to your individual design is very simple. Write to us all about your dream and we will be happy to create your personal shine for you.

14K Gold wedding sets

We make all our jewelry from 14K Gold. But you can always choose a color gold. We have white, yellow, pink, and black. Our traditional wedding sets are perfectly paired. Also, classic wedding sets are good in that almost any engagement ring is perfect for them.

If you have any questions, write to us and we will be happy to answer them.