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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The secret to the popularity of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Engagement Rings are both classic and edgy in the last few years of wedding jewelry. The soft and delicate glow of rose gold makes Rose Gold Engagement Rings a very attractive option. The warm hue of the metal tones the skin well and makes the wedding look even more romantic and vintage. 

What is Rose Gold? 

In addition to copper, rose gold also contains impurities of silver, due to which the metal ends up being not too red and very noble in tone. The main difference between rose gold and classic yellow gold is in the proportions. Any gold grade used by jewelers is an alloy, not pure precious metal. Because pure gold is too soft and impossible to produce jewelry from it. It is easily deformed, scratched, and chipped. 

That is why pure metal is mixed with various additives - ligatures. The introduced elements increase the resistance of the finished mixture to wear and corrosion. Silver, copper, palladium, zinc, platinum, cobalt, and others can be used. It is these that influence the final color of the precious metal, depending on the percentage in the alloy. By the way, 14K Yellow Gold and 14K Rose have the same purity, as both alloys contain 58.3% pure gold metal (14 parts of 24).

What is the difference between 14K Rose Gold and 18K Rose Gold? 

The most popular gold grades are 14K and 18K. Jewelry marked 18K is significantly more expensive. 18K Rose Gold Engagement Rings are premium, whereas 14K Rose Gold Engagement Rings are mid-price jewelry. In addition, it is quite a strong, hard-wearing material. Engagement Rings made from it are perfect for every day. In our collections, we use 14K Gold, but we will be glad to make 18K Rose Gold Engagement Rings at your request. 

An interesting fact: many years ago rose gold alloy was considered a defect, because of the opinion that the proportions were wrong and instead of the necessary "correct" shade of red it turned out to be a pale copy. Over time, however, both jewelers and customers rethought the delicate color and delicate rose gold jewelry became fashionable. And since the middle of the 19th century rose gold has been fully rehabilitated. 

How to wear Rose Gold Engagement Rings? 

Any gold jewelry does not tolerate contact with acids or mercury. Pure metal is highly resistant to chemicals, but highly concentrated acids and mercury can "make" the metal react. The material for any precious jewelry is an alloy that includes other less stable elements. Unless you want to damage your favorite ring or bracelet, exposing it to acids is not recommended.

Where to buy Rose Gold Engagement Rings?

Rose gold is one of the most popular materials for Engagement Rings. Its delicate shade gives this jewelry a very special charm. The beautiful color of the metal makes Rose gold wedding bands romantic and very feminine. This is one of the warmest and most universal metals, suitable for any skin tone. A special beauty is achieved in combination with dresses in soft pastel colors - the perfect choice for your wedding look. Check out our new Rose Gold Engagement Rings collection. If you couldn't find the right fit, we are always ready to create custom wedding jewelry for you.