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Sapphire Eternity Band

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Sapphire Eternity Band details:

Sapphire Eternity Band in 14K white gold says 'forever in a way only dainty jewelry can. Eternity ring diamond and sapphire also is a perfect gift for important anniversaries or birthdays. Magic deep blue sapphire ring eternity juicy like blueberry with perfect diamonds are the best solution for fashionable newlyweds.

  • 10 Natural Sapphires 1 mm. (total carat weight 0.01)
  • Metal - Solid 14K Gold 
  • Color of Metal - White Gold (your choice - Yellow or Rose Gold) 
  • 10 (1 mm) Real Diamonds (Kimberley Process), total carat weight 0.014
  • Diamonds: round сut, clarity F/VS
  • Band thickness: 1 mm

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    • Delivery time to the US - 10-14 days
    • Delivery time to Europe - up to 10 days




    All of our gemstones and diamonds are natural, earth-mined ethically sourced genuine minerals that are really high quality (AAA).


    We use only real solid gold (not gold plated jewelry). Since gold is an eternal metal that does not lose value over the years as well as its natural qualities, we try to use recycled gold for our jewelry, thereby contributing to a reduction in the extraction of planet resources.


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