What is a promise ring?

The main question - What does a promise ring mean?

Do you regularly memorize what you promised or what insured to you? Accord, it would be fabulous to have something with you that will remind you about the promise. That's why the ring of assurance was invented. This is not only convenient but also it is quite romantic, cause the habit of exchanging rings is the prerogative of pair in love. But do not mix rings of vows with the engagement rings. Good comrades can also exchange promise collars as a sign of sincere friendship, or one of the parents can give such a present to his child. A promise ring is a sort of agreement about something, and in this article, we will try to understand in what situations and how to give this jewelry.

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The Essential Ideas of a Promise Rings

When to get a promise ring? There are a lot of causes for presenting and taking promise rings, and only two persons understand what the promise is. It can symbolize a guarantee to engage someday or other serious intentions of two people. The promise ring can be rendered both as a woman as a man of different ages. You can also obtain such a ring for yourself as a symbol of abandonment of a harmful obsession.

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What is a Promise Ring mean for a Girlfriend

As we have already stated, a promise ring for two people in romantic relationships is a figure of some duty. You can give each other an insurance and together buy distinctive rings that will remind you of it. What does a promise ring mean in a relationship? It can be a promise to get engaged later or a commitment to love and support each other. It can also be a pledge to be faithful to each other if you have to go to various cities or break up for a while for different reasons. One way or another, if your boyfriend gives you such a ring, it means that he has serious intentions and you are a very dear person to him.

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How does a Promise Ring Look Like

The promise ring normally is not very big. It is more petite than an engagement ring with a smaller jewel. There are rings for men and women. As for the germ, it can be a diamond or other accurate jewelry. Regularly, people prefer a particular stone according to the day of birth of a person for whom they buy a ring. It can be gold or silver. The design is not very necessary in this case cause the principal thing is the persistence of such a ring.


How to Present a Promise Ring

There are some issues about how to give such a ring:

  1. Secure that you are sober at your pledge. 
  2. Clearly explain that it is not an engagement ring.
  3. If you are a boy, don't stand on one knee, because it may direct your girlfriend to deem about a purpose.

Unusual Ways of Presenting such a Ring


  • If you are going to give it to your beloved one, you can make a romantic evening. It can be at your favorite restaurant or some particular place. For example, it can be a roof of the house, a gorgeous outdoor area, or even a place where you got acquainted.

  • Make a surprise. Write on many sheets of paper all acumens for supplying a promise ring then put it into a box, and hide a ring among them. The receiver will read all intents before he gets your surprise.

  • You can make a "question-answer" quest. It will be great if you prepare a ring for your friend.



How and When to Wear a Promise Ring

There are not any rules about how to wear a promise ring. Women and men can put it on any finger of any hand. It is also very stylish to wear it on a necklace. The main advises, that it is better not to put it on a traditional ring finger to avoid misunderstandings from friends or relatives. Somebody wears a promise ring irregularly, and others prefer not to put it off and wear all the time.

Where can I Buy a Promise Ring

If you need to purchase a guarantee ring, you can do it at any jewellery market. Irregularly two people determined to swap promise rings and operate to the store together. What is a Promise Ring Mean? You could see our fantastic promise rings with delicate diamonds at our site. And sometimes a person craves to buy it separately and then presents to another person. If you belong to the second kind, you can order a promise ring at One2Three Jewelry. We have a fabulous assortment of notable rings at rational prices.

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