Is this real gold?

For the jewelry we produce, we only use 14k solid gold. Simple Promise Ring is available in three colors - white, pink and yellow 14k gold.

Can this ring be customized?

We will be happy to make a custom design for the Simple Promise Ring. You can choose any gemstone (sapphire, ruby, emerald) to replace and any width of the band.

Is Simple Promise Ring not too thin for daily wear?

This dainty design was conceived for young girls. It's dainty ring style. The meaning of Simple Promise Ring is that it is a gift at the very beginning of a relationship. This ring is the forerunner of the engagement ring. Its design shouldn't be bulky or too old-style. If sized correctly, the Simple Promise Ring can be worn for years. However, if you need a wider shackle, write us an e-mail ( and we will make a ring to your personal order.

Сan I order a custom ring?

Of course, just email us at to discuss all the details and we will be happy to make a custom size for you.

Is there a guarantee for the Simple Promise Ring?

We provide a lifetime warranty for all our products. We repair all rings absolutely free of charge. We also resize the ring free of charge. The only thing payable is the lost stone, which must be replaced.

What is the delivery time?

The average delivery time to the USA takes 10-14 days, to Europe 10 days.