Our future:Life after COVID-19

Coronavirus Trends

The world is in a panic over the new coronavirus. It is still difficult to say what the consequences of the global pandemic will be, but there is no doubt that the planet will change, and human behavior will change too. In connection with the new reality, one of the main trend-hunters of modern history Lee Edelkoort (Netherlands) made her forecast and gave an interview to Dezeen magazine.


She considers the coronavirus epidemic a good shake-up for both brands and people. The first will have to look for innovative solutions to stay afloat, and the second - to reduce the pace of life and the level of consumption.

Edelkoort believes that the epidemic has its advantages - forced isolation will allow people to slow down the pace of life and reduce production. Thus, the influence of the coronavirus will be multilevel and complex: from universal disbelief and the absence of any social guarantees to the gradual adoption of how the virus affects our lives; from the terrible awareness of possible scenarios to self-determination in the society.

Coronavirus Trends

Anyone who still plans to hold public events in the coming months will have to look for new, innovative ways to transmit information. For example, you can go on-line study, remote work, as well as make most purchases on the Internet.

“I am sorry for the family of people who has already given their lives to this new disease. Let's hope that they did not die in vain, as the world will strive to restore human dignity and prosperity”, - says Lee Edelkoort in an interview - “the epidemic will force us to change our pace, refuse air travel, prefer to work from home, have fun with close friends or family, learn to be self-sufficient.

Fashion shows look strange and inappropriate, travel ads seem ridiculous, plans for future projects are uncertain: will they even matter? Every new day, we question the system known to us from birth and are obliged to consider the possibility of its collapse. We will not be able to continue to produce as many goods and products that we are used to. A lot of useless information shock us. Young people are beginning to realize that owning a car and lots of clothes are no longer attractive.”

Coronavirus Trends

Lee also believes that the human psyche is stable, which is why most people for some reason expect that the problem will be solved on its own and do business as usual.

Therefore, a sudden stoppage of production due to a virus forces one to hand over the decision to fate and at first simply slows down the course of events. “We have already lost the habit of doing something without rushing, constantly waiting for answers and looking for ideas that are not by our side. Now, improvisation and creativity will be the highest achievement ", - says Edelkoort.

Lee also notes that China's endless export of synthetic saris to India and plastic household utensils to Africa has seriously undermined the local economy and led to unemployment for many years. 

Now, this process can be suspended, which will provide new opportunities for local production. Recent sky shots over China showed how two months without production they cleaned the air and allowed people to breathe oxygen again.

This means that the virus will show us how slowing down or even stopping economic growth can create a better environment. If you add to this the rejection of airplane flights, business trips, and vacations, the effect should be significant. “I think we should be very grateful to the virus, because it can become the reason why, as a species, we can save ourselves,” concludes Lee Edelkoort.


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