What does an Engagement Ring Mean

What does an Engagement Ring Mean

Every woman in her childhood dreamt about her approaching marriage. She imagined her fiance, her dress, decoration, everything to the details. One of the principal occurrences, she dreamt about, is the moment of getting an engagement ring. This ring purports a marriage proposal. The sensation of engagement is a special saintly grade in the relationship of a loving couple. And the rings confirm the desire of this pair to unite their lives.


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Why do We Present Engagement Rings

When a man makes an offer to his future wife, he gives her a ring. If a girl agrees to get married, she should accept this gift. Such a tradition has begun in ancient Greece. It meant that a man was able to provide for the future family. 

Over time, this custom improved. In today's world, there are many new traditions correlated with it.

  • A man doesn't need to give a ring. A woman can do the same. In modern society, this is a perfectly normal phenomenon when a lady shows initiative.
  • Frequently, an engagement party is held in recognition of the commitment, to which close friends and relatives invited. At such a celebration, the couple can proclaim their intention to marry and exchange rings.
  • Newlyweds can also receive rings from their parents. But it is worth memorizing, that such a gift has magnificent power and can affect the life of the couple. The central thing is that the previous carriers were happy in marriage



Is any Variation between Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring 

People customarily swap engagement rings before wedlock. It is a sign of a sincere attitude, and it signifies that two people, who are in love, will be joined one day. At the nuptials celebration bride and fiance change by wedding rings which normally place on the ring finger. These two collars differ from each other in volume, form and a species of a gemstone. An engagement ring is usually larger and can be with a diamond, while the wedding band is smaller, and can be with a diamond or some other stone.




How to Wear Marriage Rings

People habitually cover an engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand. After the betrothal, the band should not be removed until the matrimony. On a wedding day the fiancée takes off all her jewellery, and her fiance puts on a wedding ring at the ceremony. There is a token that the engagement ring needs to wrap over the marriage ring for a more flourishing union. The wedding ring is a symbol of the agreement to be together. It needs to go first and be closer to a heart. You can wear your engagement ring above the wedding ring or put it on the same finger of the opposite hand. There are a lot of traditions and rules about these pieces of jewellery. You can follow it, or you can be a pacesetter and carry it in your novel method. The principal idea is to understand what it indicates for you.



How to Determine an Engagement Ring

The engagement ring must be exceptional. Believe, it must fascinate your girl, cause she can forget the word you said, but the ring will be with her all the time. Some people favour to give diamond jewellery, but it is not necessary. There are a great variety of engagement rings at One2ThreeJewelry.com. Here you can gain the most widespread kinds of such rings, for example, you can pick a ring with:

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