What is the Reason for an Engagement Party

A wedding is one of the most significant events in the life of both a woman and a man. Everyone wants everything to go to the best level. Engagement is one of the main stages of a wedding. It is an opening position for your principal celebration. Nowadays became very attractive to organize engagement parties. At such parties, a couple announces their engagement with everybody. In this article, we will answer general inquiries about an engagement party.

engagement party for two

What is the Reason for an Engagement Party

People frequently asked by the question: "do I need to organize an engagement party?" There is no right answer to this inquest because it is a very personal matter for everyone. Somebody prefers a modest party only for two, and others favor great merrymaking. If you belong to the second type of person, you need to know some principal issues about this celebration.

Who Should be Invited to the Party

Usually, parents and close friends are invited to the party, with whom the newlyweds will share their joy. You can also call to the party those people who will not be able to be at the matrimony. They will be pleased. Make a guest list in advance to avoid misunderstandings.


What is better to Prepare for the Gathering

Light meals, salads, snacks, and drinks are best for such a party. You can cook them at home or order at your favorite restaurant. One of the fabulous choices for dinner can be а smorgasbord.

Where is Better to Celebrate

You can feast it at home or invite all guests to the restaurant or any other fascinating place.


How to Organize the Surprise Engagement Party

At the engagement party, two people in love state about their intention to become a husband and a wife. But sometimes a man desires to wonder his girlfriend and makes a surprise for her.

When you organize a wonderment party, you should be sure that your chosen one will answer you "yes" when you stand in front of her on one knee in the presence of guests.

If you decided to make a party in the form of surprise you can take to attention some useful approaches:

  1. with the help of friends organize a flash mob or quest - the culmination of which will be an original way to offer the bride an engagement ring;
  2. design a themed party. Take as a basis a story from a romantic movie and recreate it. In this case, you also will need help from relatives and buddies;
  3. Invite all guests to the restaurant, or another place of celebration, without proclaiming the reason for it. It will be a great surprise for your girlfriend and the guests when you purpose her to get married someday;
  4. you can order a big cake-surprise with unusual filling, exceptional decoration, and original caption.

As you see, there are a lot of ideas to make a surprise for your girlfriend at an engagement party. However, the main is your love and your aim to become one whole someday. Remember it. And, of course, don't forget about the engagement ring. This band has exceptional worth for your beloved one. This is not only a beautiful thing which she will brag before her friends but also it is a symbol that one day she will become yours forever. Therefore, you need to pick it with all responsibility.



Where to Buy an Engagement Ring

If you decided to make a suggestion, you should care about the engagement ring. An engagement ring is a little bit different from a wedding band. It can be smaller and have more petite stones than a wedding ring. It doesn't have to be a diamond ring you can choose a ring with sapphire, amethyst, or moissanite, which are very similar to diamonds.

The jewelry industry is actively developing and increasing its capabilities in terms of sales and delivery of jewels. You don't have to go to a jewelry store and spend time standing in line. You can choose the desired engagement ring on the site One2threejewelry.com. You will obtain here astonishing offers of engagement rings.

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  • Meagan Gardner On

    My FH and I had a romantic party for two.

  • Atanga Venize On

    My engagement party was a surprise for me. It was so sweet and heartwarming!

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