The most popular millennial engagement rings

Despite the fact that the wedding boom of the early 2000s has ended, there are still a lot of romantics among millennials who believe in marriage vows and consciously approach the choice of a couple for life. 

Tanzanite Engagement Ring 280$

7 out of 10 proposals in the USA take place in December. 75% of grooms prefer traditional form - get down on one knee. Moreover, in most cases it’s a big family dinner and allowing family members to be present at the start of the marriage makes the moment really special.  

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring 186$

The only thing that really has changed is the budgets for the engagement ring. The groom no longer needs to save 2-3 monthly salaries and empty his wallet in order to find a truly unique gold ring for the engagement. Young couples now want unique, customized designs, and they prefer to buy them online.

Moissanite Ring with Diamonds 395$

The affordable engagement rings are the new emerging trend of recent years. The De Beers Diamond Insight report says that the engagement rings of most millennials (71%) contain only diamonds. Even though non-traditional, unique colored stones, such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, aquamarine or even moissanite are rapidly gaining popularity over the past few years.

Dainty Engagement Ring 285$

Over 40% of the rings have a central round stone. In second place with popularity with 22% are diamonds cut “princess”, while rings with cut “cushion” occupy the third-place - 11%. 

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring 186$


Round Cut Solo Diamond Ring 290$

Dainty Wedding Ring 159$

White Pearl Ring 148$

Round Cut Solo Diamond Ring 290$

And what is the central stone in your ring? Show off and upload your photos. 

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