Five Reasons to Take Notice of Dainty Rings

Gone are the days of imitation and large jewelry. The main fashion trend, which has been around for a few seasons now, is the dainty rings.

Instagramable. Thin, delicate and tender, these rings are virtually invisible when they are on your fingers, but they can influence how you look in general. What is more, they are perfect for Instagram photos.

Pearl Ring with Diamonds

Versatility. You can wear dainty rings everywhere and anywhere: from Sunday morning gatherings with your friends to a pompous night at the opera. Delicate and tender pieces look great with the office tweed jacket or a romantic summer dress made of thin batiste. They can make a perfect pair with trendy sneakers and even with a swimming cap.

Dainty Diamond Rings

Ready to complete the look anytime. When buying the first dainty ring, you are just starting your own collection. Thanks to their minimalistic, strict and simple design, thin gold rings with diamonds and other precious gemstones go well together. Their number can vary from three to twenty, which gives an infinite number of combinations.

Yellow Gold Crown Diamond Ring

Freedom of choice. Dainty rings are the jewels that every girl can buy for herself (because of their accessibility and a great choice). You do not have to wait until someone guesses to give you a ring without any occasion. In a sense, dainty rings become a symbol of new and nonaggressive feminism, in the context of which each of us decides when it is the right time for a new jewel.

Personalization. Despite the seeming sameness, thin rings can always help you to create your very own personalized outfit. Strengthen your ability to combine different shades of gold and stones without breaking the bank: as a rule, dainty jewels are not too expensive. Note, the rings in yellow and pink gold are on-trend now, but the situation can change, and black and white gold might bear away the bell.

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