Is there a difference between The Promise Ring and Engagement Ring?

Is there a difference between the Promise Ring and Engagement Ring?

In the ancient, a ring on the finger could narrate a lot of attention-grabbing points about its owner. Only one accessory could explain a person's marital status, his position in society and wealth. There were many traditions of wearing such jewellery. Their significance has not changed for centuries. Now, this enhancement has become ordinary jewellery, and people no longer pay much attention to which fingers to wear them, except for a wedding ring, of course.


The Promise Ring

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Moreover, the rules for giving such a present have also changed. Now people can provide a hoop for any holiday or like a sign of attention to another person. You can prepare such a present for birthday, Women day or as a promise ring.

What do You Need to Grasp About Promise Rings

From the name itself, you can get what it means. It is delivered from one person to another for a confirmation of some insurance. Such a gift is provided in the following cases:


  • you can swap pieces of jewellery with your most trustworthy mate as a hint of faithful brotherhood
  • parents can give their child such a ring for that he always feels their support
  • you can buy a promise ring for yourself as a symbol of reducing from a destructive obsession
  • frequently a boy presents a band to a girlfriend as a token to get united someday
  • It is for the latest object a promise ring regularly blended with an engagement ring. But these are two various accessories. Let's uncover what is the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring

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Inequalities in Obvious Descriptions of These Circles

If we glance at these circles, we will see that they vary from each other by size and stones. A promise ring is ordinarily smaller. It has not such rare gemstones as an engagement ring. An engagement ring normally has diamonds, and a promise ring is ordinarily plain and has moonstone, topaz, opal etc.

Manners of Wearing

People frequently wear a promise ring on any finger they crave. But an engagement ring usually is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Some people replace it on the left hand over the wedding band after the wedlock. Moreover, some persons decide to hang a promise ring on a necklace or bracelet and wear it in such an unusual way.

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The Opposition in Meaning

As we have mentioned, a promise ring can be presented for numerous reasons. For granting an engagement ring is one goal - a proposal to get married someday. We can say that this is the most significant sign of the distinction between these rings. Sometimes a promise ring acts like a pre-engagement band. It can be given as a responsibility to mesh someday. It can happen if:


  • Two people in love are young for becoming a husband and a wife;
  • A couple without enough money to make a commemoration can drop it for later, and exchange promise loops as a token to get wedded eventually;
  • If someone from a pair needs to go very far on business, and forced to postpone the ceremony.

Nowadays, it has become familiar to make an offer in the presence of close friends and relatives. Frequently, men organize specific parties or flash mobs to confess their love to the girlfriend and give her an engagement ring. To present a promise ring is better when you are alone. It is a sacral occurrence, about which only two people need to know.


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Do They Have Something in Common

We have already answered the question is there a difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring, and now let's consider do they have joint points. Both these collars are an expression of love, first of all. You can consume it the whole life. They will remain you about one of the most exciting events in your life.

Where can You Acquire a Promise or an Engagement Ring

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