14K Gold Rings

Precious jewelry is the love of a lifetime. Gold rings have always been something special. By the way, the fashion for family jewelry has recently grown. Agree, it's very difficult to collect a collection of plastic jewelry that can then be passed on by inheritance. Your daughter or granddaughter will gladly accept 14k gold ring as a gift. Precious rings never enter this race. They stand separately. It doesn't depend on fashion. Gold rings with precious stones are a completely different matter. After all, by and large, fashion is what has already gone out of fashion. And an emerald ring will remain an emerald ring a hundred years from now.


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Couple Titanium Engagement Rings
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PRODUCT TYPE: Engagement rings

VENDOR: One2Three Jewelry

Couple Titanium Engagement Rings details: Color of Metal - Titanium Band thickness: 9 mm, width: 2 mm Weight: 10 gr (couple) Price for couple rings Ready to ship in 1 week Delivery time to the US - 14-21 days Delivery...