White Gold Rings

Luxury white gold rings

One can safely say that white gold rings among jewelry are some of the most elegant, stylish, and elegant. Very often, white gold rings look like it is made of platinum, not gold. The precious metal receives such a noble effect due to rhodium plating.

White gold rings1

Cluster Ring with Diamonds 

In addition to its luxurious appearance, rhodium also gives gold protection against premature wear and extends the life of white gold rings. Of course, sometimes such coverage needs to be updated. If you see that your white gold rings no longer look so new and need care, just take the jewelry to the jeweler and he will return the white gold rings to their original splendor and luxury.


Aquamarine white gold Ring 

How to wear white gold rings

White gold rings are considered more elegant and restrained due to their light shade, which does not look as elegant as pink, yellow, or black. White gold rings are a great choice for an office wardrobe. You emphasize your style but do it not too aggressively.

Diamond Chevron Ring

Diamond Chevron Ring

Also, white gold rings, thanks to the neutral and calm colors, can be a wonderful gift for Mother's Day, birthday, or wedding anniversary. Most often, white gold rings are feature with diamonds, but there are also models with colored natural gemstones. In any case, such jewelry looks luxurious and at the same time aristocratic.

White Diamond Wedding Band

White Diamond Wedding Band

Custom jewelry

If you want to buy white gold rings on our website, pay attention that we also make custom jewelry. You can discuss your preferences with our designers and we will make for you a ring that you dreamed of 14K gold with high-quality precious stones.

1 Carat Moissanite Ring

1 Carat Moissanite Ring

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