Why Jewelry Is The Most Eco Friendly Accessories


The fashion trend for awareness, sustainable, and eco-friendly jewelry development more tightly fits into our lives. Until the twentieth-century fashion was “slow”: dresses and suits ordered tailor-made, and good fabrics were expensive. However, with the advent of factory production and finished dress stores, appeared opposite problem - overproduction.


Now everyone can go to the store and buy a T-shirt for a conditional $ 10, which, at best, will be worn only once. “Fast fashion” due to which random purchases pile up in closets and thereby poison the planet first through production (2,700 liters are spent on one T-shirt - this is how much one person consumes on average in 900 days), and then when the synthetic material begins to rot for years in the garbage dump.

By the way, in Hong Kong alone, 1,400 T-shirts are thrown away every minute.

In addition to overproduction large fashion brands began to influence conscious consumption, proving with their own example that collections can be made without the use of natural fur. In Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie, Asos, Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, and Gap have already abandoned the use of Angora, and even earlier, fur was removed from the brand collections.


The management of Chanel announced that their specialists will no longer use the skin of exotic animals (crocodiles, lizards, snakes, and stingrays) in the collections of the legendary French House. “The future of high-quality products is behind the know-how that can be created in our atelier,” said Bruno Pavlovsky, the president of Chanel.

Watchmakers also try to keep up with the trend that is useful in every sense. For example, Panerai introduced the new Submersible Mike Horn Edition, created with the traveler and conservationist Michael Horn. The watch case is Eco-Titanium and the watch bands are made from recycled plastic. To produce one model, the Submersible Mike Horn Edition uses three plastic bottles caught from the ocean.

In fact, for jewelry Houses, consciousness is prescribed (their eco friendly jewelry) at the genetic level and it is not just about correctly extracted diamonds and ethical gold, which many have only recently taken care of. The fact is that if you no longer like clothes, you just carried it to the garbage container.


Now, still rare people donate their things to charity so that clothes or shoes can live another life. Although there are several proven places in all capitals of the World, the organizers of which are collecting unnecessary things for charitable purposes. So with the jewelry in this sense, everything is easier and more eco friendly. If some piece of jewelry has ceased to please you, you simply go to the jeweler and make a new one from the materials left after the old item.

Many jewelry brands have full-fledged gold recycling practices. For example, One2Three Jewelry products are almost entirely made of such gold, and this is always said with particular pride. This is done in order to use the Earth’s resources as little as possible and harm the environment. And by the way, more and more customers of jewelry houses are trying to clarify this point and more and more processed gold in the brand’s asset has a positive effect on the decision to purchase eco friendly jewelry.


But back to the fashion jewelry and how they help nature. Recently more and more fashionistas choose dainty gold jewelry, refusing accessories made of plastic, and even quite expensive bijouteries. The trend of wearing gold jewelry with precious stones every day fits perfectly into modern fashion, and eco friendly jewelry perfectly meets the demand for sustainable development.

If you are tired of a pendant made of plastic or inexpensive alloy, you are unlikely to be upset if it ends up in a trash bin.

But this will never happen with a thin ring with a diamond or sapphire. Gold jewelry now is not as expensive and can be worn in the early morning without fear of looking too elegant. In addition, graceful rings, earrings, and pendants look very instagrammable.

In general, continuous benefits, both for the planet and for appearance. In addition, the trend for reasonable consumption suggests that the same thing should be used as long as possible, treat it carefully, repair, and not replace it with a new one, but come up with a new application for it. To share this approach you really need to love the object you possess.

Li Edelkoort (one of the world's most famous trend forecasters, Netherlands), for example, believes that the fewer things possess a person, the more carefully he treats them. This fully applies to your favorite eco friendly jewelry. Edelcourt also has a theory that the attitude to jewelry in the very near future can be as an attitude to your favorite pet and announces a new trend for 2020 - the animation of your favorite things.

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