Top 3 Engagement Ring Trends 2020

Search for engagement jewelry can be completely daunting if you don't know where to begin. If you think engagement rings are "forever" items, you are will be surprised they're also subject to the ebbs and flows of the fashion trends. We are present three most popular tendencies engagement rings for 2020.


Dainty and stackable wedding bands

The trend of dainty engagement rings is back, and this is not expected to go any time soon. Trend ‘less is more look’ by successfully pairing high-quality stones with the delicate bands become one of the most popular. 

Super dainty solitaire, featuring a very thin 1 or 1.5mm band, will be  the most popular and in-demand setting. Girls love the thin delicate band because it is classic with a modern edge and makes the diamond really fashion. This setting is timeless and amazing for stacking and styling with other rings.

Another interesting mini trend is stackable engagement rings. This trend is not very new, but however, more and more brides-to-be are incorporating this trend to their bridal sets. You can now wear all your stackable - engagement, wedding and eternity rings all together. 


Star Dainty ring $159



Halo engagement Rings

Halo rings whith diamond, sapphire, emerald or ruby will become one of the most strong engagement jewelry trends - luxurious and unforgettable jewelry for the real big moment. The guiding star among these rings is Kate Middleton's sapphire ring. 


The most popular among halo engagement rings are colored gemstones engagement rings. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires - perfect way to make simple and elegant styles even brighter and bolder. If you opt to set them on a white, yellow, black or rose gold band, you will get enable you to express your own personal style and creativity.

Round and elongated cuts

Round cut diamonds have been one of the most popular shapes for a few years now. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley debuted her elegant round-cut diamond engagement ring on the 2016 Golden Globes red carpet. Emmy Rossum has accepted vintage round-cut engagement ring from Sam Esmail. "It's from 1920 in Paris, so I like that I've inherited someone's story, and I hope that it's a good one”. Ideal round cut diamonds rings are amazing because they show their carat weight well and are very finger flattering.

Jennifer Lopez, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Kelly Dodd - all their engagement rings are beautiful elongated cuts. Fantastic oval, emerald, elongated cushion and pear – have continued to skyrocket in popularity over the last year. This is a great idea to take note of. Especially if you like the original style and personal approach to everything.






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