Eternity Ring for Eternal Love

An endless line of diamonds running all around the band means one thing: an equally infinite love. If you opt for meaningful engagement jewels, you are likely to pay attention to symbols and signs. And when you are looking for such ‘symbolic’ jewels, the eternity rings are in the first place. Like the common wedding rings, they traditionally have no beginning and no end. Just as the love itself. However, they look more impressive. And well, you can always choose the size and the number of stones based on your preferences and budget.

Sapphire and Diamonds Set Ring

 By the way, if you already have an engagement ring, you can still get the eternity ring. According to the European and American traditions, such jewels may be given to a wife to commemorate an important occasion, like the wedding anniversary or the birth of a child, or simply as a reminder of the couple’s feelings. The design of the eternity ring was developed in the second half of the twentieth century by the experts from De Beers, the company which has always been famous for its diamond jewelry.

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