How Much is a 2 Carat Diamond Ring

One of the most popular engagement rings in recent months is the 2 Carat Diamond Ring. Simple and concise, it will not only pledge the greatest love of your life but also be an elegant and effective everyday piece of jewelry.

What does a 2 Carat Diamond Ring look like? 

The size of a perfect 2 carat round diamond should be about 8.10 mm. The weight of such a stone is 400 milligrams or 0.4 grams. If you compare the visual size, a 2 Carat Diamond looks like a large blueberry or cranberry. This is another vote in favor of buying the 2 Carat Diamond Ring. This wedding jewelry looks quite weighty, but at the same time elegant and not pretentious. In addition, if you have chosen a stone of decent characteristics, you can not bother with additional decoration and rely on classic designs that will look good even after ten years. 2 Carat Diamond Ring with a traditional round stone looks wonderful on the fragile hand of a young girl, as well as on the fingers of a mature lady. 2 Carat Diamond Ring is truly a universal option for engagement. 


The 4C Rule for the 2 Carat Diamond Ring

To choose the perfect 2 Carat Diamond Ring, you need to put your trust in an experienced advisor and also use the 4Cs rule, which can be deciphered as Weight (Carat), Color (Color), Clarity (Clarity), and Cut (Cut). The aggregate of these parameters is the basis of diamond grading and is called the "4Cs. The higher the 4Cs, the more valuable the stone.

Carat is a measure of a diamond's weight. A CT is equivalent to 0.2 g. Small diamonds are diamonds weighing up to 0.29ct. Medium diamonds are stones weighing from 0.3 ct to 0.99 ct. Diamonds larger than 1 ct are categorized as large stones. 


The GIA diamond color grading system is used to evaluate color. In this system, the scale is divided into diamond color groups, where D is for completely colorless stones and Z is for stones with a pale yellow or brown hue. Diamonds with a depth of color greater than Z are referred to as fancy colors. Diamonds of color J and below may have a warm shade that may work for you, but it is worth considering one thing: to "extinguish" not too noble shade, it is better to put such a stone in yellow or rose gold. In white gold, a less-than-perfect shade will be immediately noticeable. 

Clarity is the clarity and transparency of a diamond. Clarity is the main criterion of diamond quality. The fewer flaws and foreign inclusions in the structure of a stone, the more expensive a diamond is. Flaws can be internal or superficial. To assess the clarity of a diamond, it is necessary to magnify it 10 times. This is why gemologists use a special microscope or loupe. Defects that are visible to the naked eye can significantly lower the value of a stone.



Cut - the cutting of a stone turns diamonds into diamonds. An uncut diamond hides an amazing play of spectral colors under its gray shirt. It is the cut that gives a diamond its sparkle and luxury. The quality of the cut is assessed by the exactness of the geometry, proportions, and angles of the stone. The higher the quality of cut, the brighter the diamond sparkles.

How to choose a 2 Carat Diamond Ring? 

It all depends directly on how much money you are willing to spend, as the number of options for the "2 Carat Diamond Ring" request is endless. For a start, we suggest solving the eternal ethical problem of choice and understand what kind of diamond you want. It can be a natural diamond, created over hundreds of years in the bowels of the Earth, or a stone grown in laboratories. In the latter case, there are also two options. The first is HPHT diamonds and the second is CVD. 



The price of a natural diamond depends on its quality. Everything is important: the color, the quality of cutting, and the clarity. We are not going to discuss the versions with a lot of inclusions or even glued stones. The investment value of such stones is equal to zero. Still, if you decide to make a suggestion and buy a decent ring, it is better to choose a stone with good characteristics, even if it will be smaller in size. In the middle of the price range are the classic round-cut diamonds with the characteristics of H-VS1. Such a stone for a 2 Carat Diamond Ring can cost around $25,000. If your budget is a bit higher, consider stones with F-VVS2 characteristics, in which case you will have to come out around $38,000.

There are also more budget-friendly options. For example, a lab-grown HPHT diamond with the F-VVS1 description costs around $20,000. A CVD diamond of similar quality will cost about $12,000.

How do I save money when buying a 2 Carat Diamond Ring? 

If you're thinking about buying a 2 Carat Diamond engagement ring, we don't recommend saving too much money anymore, as there's a chance of spending money and getting a product that isn't very good. Still, there is an option. The first option is to choose lab-grown HPHT diamonds, the second is CVD. The price difference will on average be half as much. The second is to choose a natural diamond with a slight hue. Yellow or chocolate tones can also look elegant, especially if the design deliberately stakes on the color or enclose them in rose or yellow gold.

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