Cushion cut diamonds: how to choose a fashionable engagement ring

History: Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

In the ranking of the most popular cuts for engagement rings, "cushion" takes third place. First and second place future newlyweds gave up more traditional shapes - round and princess cuts, respectively. 
Now cushion cut diamond engagement rings are considered a nostalgic option for those who appreciate the romance of vintage jewelry. This type of cut has existed since the 18th century. In the 19th century, most gemstones had a "cushion" cut (then called a "mine" cut). It was the most popular form in the middle of the last century. Then it is forgotten for a while, but in the early decades of the century cushion cut diamonds have become once again incredibly popular.


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What is a cushion cut diamond?

 Cushion diamonds, so diamonds are called because of their square shape with rounded corners, have 58 classic diamond facets, but they cost less than the classic round diamonds, which is not the least reason for their popularity in recent years. At the same time, however, they sparkle a bit more modestly than round diamonds.

How to choose Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings? 

Taking into consideration this "sparkling" factor, when choosing a ring with a cushion-cut diamond, it is better to choose diamonds with H-color or bigger stones. The H-color cannot be called completely colorless but has a slight yellowish hue, which is almost impossible to notice. If you want to be on the safe side, choose H-color diamonds in yellow or rose gold. This will minimize the slight yellowing of the stone. As for clarity, the best grades are SI2 or SI1.

Most often cushion cut diamonds are used for halo engagement rings. In such models, thanks to the design, it is possible to add more sparkle and make the engagement ring look more impressive and luxurious. 

    The advantages of a round cut diamond:

    • Its cost is less than that of round diamonds 

    • Trendy now, yet classic shape

    • Perfect for personalized engagement rings

    • Excellent sparkle and "fire" characteristics

    • Looks luxurious and convincing for less 

    Disadvantages of cut diamonds:

    • If you have contacted unscrupulous suppliers, there is a chance of getting a diamond that is called "crushed ice". Such stones are called cushion modified brilliant, and as a rule, they are much cheaper because the "crushed ice" hides a large number of inclusions very well, which eventually affects the price of the stone. You do not have to know how many facets there are. The task of an experienced, conscientious seller is not to give you a diamond of bad quality.

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