What is a Pre-engagement Ring

What is a Pre-engagement Ring?

The main functions of engagement rings as well as gold promise rings for women are straightforward. In the first case, it is an explicit proposal to live together in a formal union, in the second ring does not necessarily mean love forever, but rather is a manifestation of a warm romantic relationship or the desire to make a promise of a loving relationship in advance.


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 Pre-engagement rings in this case are very different from promise rings. You can get a Pre-engagement ring long before the big engagement and this ring always means a huge step for the lovers before the next big event in their life.


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 As a rule, the Pre-engagement ring is given to a girl in a very young couple. It happens so that they don't have money for the wedding of their dreams yet, or other life plans slightly delay the moment of the wedding ceremony, but at the same time, the couple firmly believes in their feelings and intentions. So buying a Pre-engagement ring becomes a compromise, which nevertheless shows the seriousness of the relationship. Pre-engagement rings are the perfect illustration of your intention to tie your future with your loved one.

Who Buys Pre-engagement Rings

If you receive or give a Pre-engagement ring, you, as a couple, are taking responsibility to get married in the future. It doesn't have to immediately state the date and location of the wedding or subsequent engagement. It is simply a serious announcement of subsequent events.

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Pre-engagement rings mean that you are in a long-term responsible relationship and want to be together forever. Pre-engagement rings are good for students for whom a fancy wedding is an exorbitant expense now but which they will generally settle for in the future, as well as for young people whose relationships are tested by distance and time. Some couples buy gemstone promise rings to make the engagement period short or acceptable, but also want to show their commitment over the long haul, which is what Pre-engagement rings are for. 


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Pre-Engagement Ring Design

Pre-Engagement Ring design, as in the case of the engagement ring depends on the budget of the giver. But in any case, it is worth understanding that the cost of the Pre-Engagement Ring will always be less than the cost of the engagement ring. And that makes sense. So, if you get or give a Pre-Engagement Ring, then not necessarily the matter will end with the wedding very soon. Such a piece of jewelry is more of a prelude to a real engagement gala. Some timid grooms sometimes need more time to get to the most important decision of their lives. This jewelry is more likely to showcase a touching promise of a future marriage. The Pre-Engagement Ring may look as follows.

Classic Diamond Pre-Engagement Ring

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 A small solitaire diamond or a larger colored gemstone surrounded by a diamond track on a 14k gold band. It can also be a delicate cluster ring with diamonds, rubies, or emeralds. In some cases, the Pre-Engagement Ring can be similar to a classic wedding band - a thin gold band studded with diamonds.

The popularity of Pre-engagement rings

Pre-engagement rings became very popular in the late 2000s and early 2010s. That's when many famous couples used this jewelry to signify strong romantic feelings. Jordyn Sparks, Teyana Taylor, Selena Gomez, and the Jonas Brothers - not all of them then made it to the main goal of engagement, but all were seen to have a special attitude towards these rings. By the way, there is a positive example. One of the brothers, Nick Jonas, made it to a lavish wedding with his lover Priyanka Chopra in 2018.

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Moissanite Pre-Engagement Ring

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Leaf Pre-Engagement Ring with Moissanite

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