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Ruby Rings

Royal jewelry - ruby rings

The magnificent ruby rings are truly royal jewelry. Ruby is one of the stones of the “Big Four” (it includes rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and alexandrites) and symbolizes love, health, and wisdom. The cost of these gemstones varies in size and quality of the stone. The most expensive shade is “Pigeon Blood”. Already now we can say that there are fewer and fewer rubies in nature. Therefore, ruby rings are jewelry for those who truly understand and appreciate the beauty of natural gemstones.


Why are ruby rings so rare?

Every year, places where you can get rubies are becoming less and less. It has always been a rare stone, especially when it comes to large sizes. The Mogok Valley (Upper Burma) and Thailand are the best places for mining rubies. Both Thailand and Burma consider the ruby to be their national stone. The word ruby comes from the Latin "ruber", which means red. This word was used to describe all red stones, including red spinel, red tourmaline, and red pomegranate. But now it concerns only rubies.


Gemstone duets

In the modern fashion world, ruby rings can be not only a beautiful evening or cocktail decorations. Many modern brides choose ruby rings as engagement and wedding bands. If you decide on such models, then in our online store there are such options as ruby and diamond ring and just ruby ring. You can safely combine rubies with other precious stones, duets with diamonds look especially good.


July birthstone

Ruby Rings is a great gift for those born in July. Ruby is a July Birthstone and symbolizes love, romance, and passion thanks to its deep red hue. The color of a ruby is similar to the color of blood, so rubies are often associated with life and vitality.

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