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Citrine Ring
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Citrine Ring 14K Gold, Solid   Black Gold (your choice - White, Yellow or Rose Gold)  Band thickness: 1,3 mm Natural Yellow Citrine Carat weight 0,7   Go Custom Ask for customization of this ring or make a completely new one: Feel free to contact:...

Topaz Engagement Ring
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Topaz Engagement Ring 14K Gold, Solid (weight 4,85 gr.) White Gold (your choice - Yellow or Rose Gold)   Topaz: Excellent Quality Swiss Blue Topaz, carat weight: 8,12 CT (12X12 mm.) Band thickness: 2,81 mm Go Custom Ask for customization of this...


What are the birthstones for November?

Traditionally, topaz and citrine are considered the main precious stones of November. This is a great option for november birthstone engagement rings if you want to get jewelry without classic diamonds. The yellow and blue shades of these semi-precious stones provide tremendous opportunities for original designs and custom november birthstone engagement rings.

Citrin November birthstone engagement rings. Origin story

The name itself wasn't use until 1556, when it was first used by Georg Bauer, also known as Georgius Agricola, "the father of modern mineralogy." He wanted to replace the simple name "yellow quartz" in the De Re Metallic gemstone jewelry book. It is believed that the word “citrine” comes from the word citron (lemon) and directly indicates the shade of this mineral.

Citrin November birthstone engagement ring

Citrine was well known in ancient Greece and was used by the ancient Romans to make jewelry and intaglio engravings. It was worn as an amulet against snake poisoning, evil thoughts and sudden disasters.

Magical and healing properties of citrine

Citrine is used to neutralize acid indigestion and food allergies. It is believed to have the ability to soothe restless sleep, lift the spirits of a heavy heart, awaken intuition, increase motivation, eliminate feelings of inferiority, increase willpower, stimulate mental abilities, increase acceptance of difficult situations, improve blood circulation, dispel negative energy, and help remove toxins from body.

Origin Citrin November birthstone engagement ring

Most of the precious citrine for november birthstone rings gold today comes from the mines of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. These deposits were filled with magma from volcanic explosions. It is also found in France, Madagascar, Uruguay, Bolivia, USA and wherever quartz is found. Usually, small citrines (from 0.5 to 3 carats) are quite common in nature, but large specimens are becoming less and less common and the cost of such november birthstone rings gold is growing exponentially. They become worthy exhibits in private collections and good investment stones.

Topaz ring November birthstone ring

The name topaz comes from the name of the island of Topazios, where it was first found. According to another version, it comes from the Sanskrit word “tapas,” meaning “warmth.” And in ancient lore, topaz could be used to control heat. Topaz is found in blue, pale green, various shades of yellow, pink, red, brown and even black. And this is a great option for November birthstone rings topaz. The largest uncut topaz is found in Brazil, weighing almost 600 pounds. The famous 12 ounce brilliant yellow cut topaz is among the royal jewels of Portugal.

November birthstone wedding rings

Useful properties of November birthstone rings topaz

Wearing November birthstone rings topaz is beneficial for your health and well-being. It is believed that those who wear November birthstone rings topaz have a strong mind, the stone also increases wisdom, prevents mental disorders, and is able to cool excessive anger. Topaz powder added to wine was used in ancient times to prevent asthma and insomnia. As a medicine, topaz was used to treat fever. Making a cure for poor eyesight required immersing the stone in wine for three days and nights, then rubbing the liquid into the eyes. And although these crumbs are not as expensive as diamonds, their appeal is not in their high cost or liquidity (after all, it is strange to buy wedding jewelry with the thought that if something goes wrong you can get your money back for it). The beauty of topaz and citrine is in the richness of its shades! You can choose any of the November Birthstone Rings - with citrine or topaz, absolutely these two semi-precious but no less beautiful stones will bring you good luck and happiness.