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Moissanite Rings

When and where was the first moissanite found?

Fashion at the Moissanite Rings began relatively recently. Strictly speaking, this mineral is an invention of the twentieth century. The first find of natural moissanite, which is silicon carbide in chemical composition, dates back to 1904. French chemist and Nobel laureate Henri Moissan (a stone was later named after him) discovered a rare mineral with microscopic diamonds in Devil's Canyon (Arizona). These were small grains-blotches in a meteorite. The stone, although it was spectacular, only under a microscope. The sizes of moissanite crystals in nature are so small that it is of no interest for jewelry - unlike synthetic moissanite. The first who decided to synthesize mineral was the same Henri Moissan.

After a while, when studying the properties of stone, it was found that it is quite simple in chemical composition and very solid. So it was decided to begin to grow it for jewelry. But almost immediately it became clear that growing transparent, colorless moissanite is a very difficult task, since it always contains small amounts of impurities, which makes it yellowish, and completely getting rid of these impurities turned out to be a very difficult task that has been solved for at least a decade and a half. Nowadays, high-quality Moissanite Rings are created with colorless stones that are so similar to natural diamonds that a layman simply cannot distinguish between it and diamonds.


What is the popularity of Moissanite Rings

So why are Moissanite Rings louder and louder lately? For a long time, this stone was exotic and was known only to a narrow circle of gemologists. Now, this is the economy version of the diamond. Young people who would like diamond jewelry, but financially cannot afford them yet, are quite content with Moissanite Rings. Moreover, without a magnifying glass and a tester, an ordinary person is unlikely to be able to distinguish Moissanite Rings from a diamond product, diamond "understudies" shine so spectacularly.


Where to buy Moissanite Rings

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