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Gold Rings

Sustainable 14K Gold Rings

Real 14K Gold Rings are rare jewelry that is not subject to time, their value is constant from year to year and can only grow since the price of gold never falls. Even if you bought a 14k gold band many years ago and suddenly you no longer like the design, you can always take your treasure to a jeweler and he will give a second life to it. So we can say for sure that gold rings ideally meet the demand of modern fashion for responsible consumption and sustainable development. After all, you use gold that has already been mined and thus do not turn to natural resources.

10K, 14K, or 18K?

If you want to buy gold rings for your jewelry collection, it is worth considering that the 14 karat gold women's rings will be the best choice. Since 18K gold rings will cost more and 10k gold rings look less yellow due to their lower gold content. Also the negative quality of 10K gold is that it is not suitable for people with allergies to nickel present in 10K.

What is the price of gold rings?

The price of 14k gold rings may vary significantly. It depends on the amount of gold in the ring, as well as what precious stones and in what quantity the jewelry includes. If you like dainty gold rings then the price can range from $ 80 to 250. Massive gold rings with diamonds or colored gemstones cost $ 350-500 on average.

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