Symbol of Commitment: All about Promise Rings

How to find perfect promise rings

If with the design and meaning of engagement rings everything is more or less clear, the jewelry called promise rings still cause a lot of questions. How promise rings differ from purity rings, commitment rings, pre-engagement rings, and what meaning they carry. Does a promise ring always mean romantic recognition and a promise of a big and pure love forever? 



What are promise rings? 

The first and most important thing to know about promise rings is that such a gift is essentially a romantic declaration of love and a sign of love commitment from one partner to another. Such a piece of jewelry symbolizes a heartfelt attitude and is an "aperitif" to pre-engagement and engagement rings. Most often promise rings are given at a young age when the wedding and the real process of creating a family are still far away, but already want to indicate their attitude and show affection. 


But also promise rings to have another meaning without romantic and love component. For example, a girl can buy such jewelry for herself as a sign of overcoming her fears or bad habits, in honor of getting a long-awaited job, or as a symbol of leaving a toxic relationship. Wearing promise rings for her will always be a reminder of fortitude, loyalty to her vows, and a powerful inner core. So it's not just the symbolic message of promise rings for a particular individual that can always be little more than a love story. In this regard, it also makes sense to buy promise rings for men. In the life of men, there is also enough room imperceptible to the naked eye feats and personal achievements that you can be proud of without reporting on social networks. Their meanings in the delicate symbolic jewelry can also find couples. Promise rings for couples do not necessarily have to be made in the same design, unite the rings may be engraved inside, the meaning of which will know only two people. Sometimes couples give each other promise rings and sometimes only one partner can give a ring. As always in love and personal relationships, everything is very individual. 



History of promise rings

The tradition of giving promise rings as a token of love and fidelity dates back several hundred years. There is evidence that Roman girls, who were not yet getting married, were wearing promise rings in the 2nd century BC. In 16th century England, popular were rings studded with precious stones, most often sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, which also contained engravings in the form of romantic poems. Though in the modern world promise rings are not the analog of engagement rings, it is necessary to treat such rings not less seriously. It is considered appropriate to give a romantic symbol of the promise of love after the couple has spent at least a year together. 

What Should a Promise Ring Look Like?

Your Promise Ring can look however you want, there are simply no strict rules. Some young people choose mini versions of engagement rings with solitaire diamonds or thin wedding bands studded with diamonds or moissanite. But some bet on gemstone promise rings. Those who are particularly careful pay attention to rings with stones according to the month of birth. For example, a July birthstone is a ruby and a birthstone for September is sapphire. In that case, your ring gets the added meaning and power of the gemstone that patronizes you.


What finger do promise rings go on? 

Which finger a promise ring goes on is a personal matter for each person. It is not as strictly regulated as the wearing of engagement rings. In addition, not everyone around you has to know that it is a promise ring. In this case, it is your choice not to "shine" a symbolic gift that only you can know about. You can also wear it on a chain around your neck, hiding it under clothing.

diamond promise ring

But of course, there are also the most popular ways to wear promise rings - on your ring finger - on your left hand if you are not married, and on your right hand if you are married. It is believed that the idea of wearing romantic jewelry on the ring finger of the left hand, has hung on from a time when it was believed that this very finger has a vein that leads directly to the heart. The legend is very romantic, but there is no truth in this view of anatomy. It is not so important in what way and on what finger you will wear a promise ring, much more essential is the meaning of this jewelry for you personally. We suggest you evaluate our collection of promise rings and choose your ideal variant.

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