Last minute valentine's day gifts for her 

Despite the abundance of banners and advertisements, which are dedicated to Valentine's Day, sometimes it happens that an important romantic gift has to be bought at the very last moment. As we know it is not worth doing something in a hurry. And even if there is little time left, we have prepared some great ideas for last minute valentine's day gifts for her, which will save you nerves, money and allow you to choose a worthy and high-quality gift. 


Cluster Moissanite Ring (14k Gold) Cluster Moissanite Ring

Gift certificate


A gift certificate for a jewelry store is like a luxury box of chocolates. The very anticipation of choosing jewelry is an incredible emotion and gratitude to the presenter. The gift certificate will save you from unnecessary purchases and the fear of making a mistake about the size, model and color. After all, nobody knows exactly what she wants exactly. One thing to send a reference to your lover with a request to buy a specific ring, and quite another to choose jewelry that has already been paid for. Sending a girl to a store with a certificate is like leaving a child alone in a candy store. Of course, if there is a certain limit, but nothing disciplines shopping like a clearly delineated amount for shopping. 

 gifts certificat

Rings without matrimonial meanings

A ring that looks like an engagement ring might look like a proposal. If you're not ready to make a serious step, but you still want to give a ring, there are at least four ways to do it without matrimonial implications. A girl should have plenty of rings before she even gets the most important piece of jewelry in her life. 

Olive Branch with Diamonds (14k Gold)Olive branch

Idea 1


Birthstone ring. Selecting a birthstone based on her month of birth is a good sign and a great gift. Birthstone ring as a gift for Valentine's Day has its meanings, each gemstone brings its owner good luck, health and love. In addition, by choosing a Birthstone ring you will show your attention and love, as well as not a trivial approach to choosing gifts. 

Aquamarine Promise Ring (14k Gold)


Ruby Ring with Diamonds (14K Gold)

Ruby ring

Ruby Ring (14K Gold)


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Idea 2 


Simple promise ring or promise ring are not yet engagement rings, but a great option for those who are ready to consider their romantic relationship in a serious way. The promise rings are pre-engagement rings, as if they foreshadow a major event in the couple's life. Giving such a gift for Valentine's Day is appropriate, romantic, and also a cute demonstration of how serious your intentions are. 

Simple Promise Ring (14k Gold) Simple promise ring

Promise Ring with Diamonds (14K Gold)


Idea 3


Slim dainty rings with diamonds. This is a budget-friendly gift option that looks trendy. For relatively little money, you can buy a set of several rings. Gift-wrapped, gold rings with diamonds always look great. 

Dainty rings

Dainty Rings Set (14K Gold)


3 Diamond Dainty Ring (14K Gold)



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Idea 4 

The ideal day to present a ring with a heart is Valentine's Day. The symbolic gift doesn't oblige, but it shows a nice romantic attachment. 

Heart Dainty Ring (14K Gold)

 heart ring

Smart pendants

A small diamond pendant will be a great gift for Valentine's Day. Such jewelry is timeless, its design is concise and elegant. Making a choice in favor of such necklaces, it is impossible to go wrong, so luxurious and stylish they look. If you're more into colored gemstones, you can consider birthstone pendants. Amethysts, emeralds and sapphires look just as gorgeous as diamonds, and they may cost less. 

Diamond Cluster Pendants (14k Gold)


Round Cut Diamond Necklace (14K Gold)


Lovers of the symbolic red and pink colors on Valentine's Day are advised to pay attention to pendants with rubies. This is a very romantic and spectacular gemstone. Also, it's hard to imagine a more appropriate holiday to give a jewelry piece with a ruby. 

Simple Rube Necklace (14K Gold)


Pretty earrings 

If you want to avoid any meaning for Valentine's Day, but still want to make a gift, then earrings are the perfect option. Diamonds or emeralds, pussy earrings or long dangling ones, with one precious stone or a scattering of diamonds - you can't go wrong here, you just need to look closely at what kind of earrings your girlfriend wears most often. 

 Ruby Diamond Earrings (14K Gold)


Gold Huggie Hoop Earrings (14K Gold)


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