Birthstones for June


Three original birthstones for June birthdays

Birthstones are gemstones that conduct a birth month and have a bizarre definition and historical point. Every month has its birthstone. Ordinarily, for one month has one birthstone, but three months are the luckiest, they have three birthstones each. One such month is June. June birthstones are moonstone, pearl, and alexandrite. Consequently, if you were born in June, you have got an exceptional opportunity to pick your June birthstone according to your preferences and budget.

June birthstones №1: Pearls

From ancient times it was thought that stones have exceptional power and bring distinctive energy to those who wear them. Pearls can bring mercy, innocence, and faith. They have healing powers, curing various diseases, and even insanity. Pearls still apply as medicines in Asia. If the month of your birth is June, you are a fortunate person. You can wear pieces of jewelry with such a rare June birthstone. Its uniqueness lies not only in its astonishing features but also in its exquisite form because the color of pearls deviates from white to black.


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Pearls are also called "gifts of the ocean" because they are the only gemstone that is created by living organisms - mollusks. Due to the special liquid that these microorganisms secrete around the pathogen pearls are created. This liquid is called nacre.


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Today, many distinctive farms grow mollusks which create pearls. They are located in the most picturesque parts of the world away from civilization. Mollusks will never grow and produce a nacre in polluted water.

birthstones for june


June birthstones №2: Moonstone

A moonstone also belongs to the group of June birthstones.
It is a translucent blue-silver feldspar. It has got a name due to the blue-white and silver gradients, which are provided by its delicate structure. This is June birthstone of inventive people, who are frequently in search. In Indian culture, it is considered a sacred rock and one that brings good luck.

As for the beneficial properties of the June birthstone, we can say that it has a very substantial effect on the human body, it can:

  • relieve epileptic seizures
  • calm
  • reduce outbursts of uncontrolled aggression
  • normalize sleep
  • clean the blood
  • relieve edema
  • treat inflammation
  • remove stones and tumors from the body

Plus, it is a very robust love June birthstone. Any decoration with a moonstone can attract real love to you. The foremost thing, it needs to wear near a heart.


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June birthstones №3: Alexandrite

Alexandrite, or the birthstone of the aristocrats, has a unique ability to change color depending on the lighting. This June Birthstone was invented by Alexandre the Second in 1833. He noticed it while searching for emeralds, and this stone was supposed an emerald. But later it turned out, that it is much harder than emerald, and also it has a unique capacity to change color.
Alexandrite is clear, but very seldom colorless. Its most common color is bluish-green. Less common is olive with shades of yellow and brown. Ural alexandrite, which is properly respected the standard of beauty, in daylight, has a bluish-green color, and in artificial -purple. Alexandrite is a June birthstone which requires a lot of money.

Alexandrite June birthstone

And sometimes people wonder what June birthstone is better to pick: pearl, moonstone or alexandrite. In this case, you should follow your preferences or discover the healing properties of stones. Like pearls, alexandrite is considered a very prominent energy stone. Nevertheless, it is proper for people who are strong in spirit and persistent in their goal, overcoming all impediments. While pearls are a softer and calmer gem.

Regarding the medicinal qualities of alexandrite, its central purpose is to cleanse the blood and strengthen blood vessels. It also believed that if the stone regularly changes color, the person who wears it should pay attention to blood sugar.

Where is Better to Buy June Birthstone

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