Great battle: Moissanite VS Diamond

The Most Insidious Analogue of a Diamond

The main confrontation of the last few years is the battle of the Moissanite VS Diamond. A diamond is an exquisite and precious stone. It is a jewel of courage and firmness. It combines unbelievable beauty and such unique features as unusual hardness, lack of thermal conductivity, and exceptional radiance.


3 CT Rose Gold Moissanite Ring

A lot of legends created about diamonds. And so many abilities were appointed to it. Also, it is the most expensive mineral. Its high cost has called appearing of different kinds of its copies. That is why in recent years more and more disputes are being held on the topic of what is cooler - Moissanite VS Diamond.

Simple Engagement Moissanite Ring

Simple Engagement Moissanite Ring


For hundreds of years, the masters have been engaged in imitation and fake stones, and it all started back in the 17th century when rubies were replaced with Czech red glasses. Already in the first half of the 20th century, the first prototypes of imitations of diamonds were obtained.

Moissanite Diamond Ring

Moissanite Diamond Ring

The creation of imitation diamonds is a perfectly legal activity today. Among the most popular imitations, you can find zircon, synthetic spinel, topaz, sapphire, etc. The most elite reproduction of diamonds is moissanite, which is grown from silicon carbide. Moissanite is so similar to a diamond that it even can mislead experienced jewelers. In this article, we will try to know what is moissanite, how it created, and why it is so related to a diamond.


Five Moissanite Engagement Ring

What is Moissanite? The History of Appearing

It is safe to say that this stone opened in 1904. In that year the French chemist Henri Moissan, after whom the stone named, discovered a unique mineral with microscopic diamond inclusions in the Devil's Canyon in Arizona.
The size of moissanite crystals in nature was quite small and did not interest jewelers. Synthetic moissanite has become quite another matter. The first person who has synthesized it was the same Henri Moissan.
The diagnosis of the characteristics of moissanite showed that this stone is simple in its chemical structure, and it is quite hard. This study led to its large-scale manufacturing as an abrasive. Consequently, moissanite began to grow for jewelry.


Moissanite Ring with Diamonds 

Moissanite Ring with Diamonds 


The first exclusive stone used in the jewelry industry was presented in 1996 in Tucson.

Moissanite promise rings appeared on the market in 1997 as the central synthetic stone used to imitate a diamond. This budget version has become affordable to many people. But if you are one of those people for whom the originality of diamonds is fundamental, you should know the following.

Cluster Moissanite Ring

Cluster Moissanite Ring

Moissanite vs Diamond

A lot of people wonder what does moissanite means? Is it a real jewel or just a cheap copy of a diamond? Moissanite and diamond are so related in their characteristics that even on the Mohs scale they have almost equal parameters. Of course, the diamond in this case with its 10 is the leader among solids, but the second is not much lower to him and has 9, 25 points. This hardness indicates that both stones are perfect for everyday wear. If the quality of the mineral in your ring is not essential for you, then you can boldly buy the product with moissanite. The principal purpose why? It is that it is enough cheap stone which is very similar to a diamond. People without knowledge in the art of jewelry will not even suspect that your ring is from moissanite, not a diamond.

Eternity Wave Moissanite Engagement Ring

Eternity Wave Moissanite Engagement Ring

 Double Band Engagement Ring with Moissanite

 Double Band Engagement Ring with Moissanite

How to Recognize Moissanite from Diamond?

It is extremely hard to identify moissanite rings from a diamond, as this synthetic "diamond substitute" is much closer to the original than others. And so popular techniques of checking the authenticity as weight, brightness, thermal conductivity, and light transmission can be ineffective.

Cathedral Engagement Ring

Cathedral Engagement Ring

Very often the originality of a diamond is terminated by such a factor as thermal conductivity. A real stone does not heat up even after you hold it in your hand. Moissanite also stays cold for a long time. Moreover, these two stones have almost the same luster, and it is extremely hard to see that the glow of moissanite is brighter if you are not a professional. Accordingly, on the question does moissanite sparkle the answer will be yes.

Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

4,5 CT Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring 

The most reliable methods of distinguishing moissanite from a diamond

  • Optical tests

If a detailed study of the internal structure of the crystals is carried out, then the moissanite is not marked by such sharp adhesion of the faces as the diamond. A synthetic crystal also exhibits a clear double effect. The play of light of moissanite is somewhat brighter and differs in unusual “brilliance” for diamonds.

  • Specific gravity

Specific gravity is another parameter that will differ between moissanite and diamond. The specific gravity of the diamond is 3.52, and for moissanite, it will not have an exact figure. The numerical value of moissanite will be in the range from 3.17 to 3.24.

  • Mohs hardness

Synthetic moissanite is the hardness is slightly inferior to natural diamonds, so a crystal can be scratched with a special tip having diamond spraying. But this method is practically not applied in practice.

  • "Open flame"

Synthetically grown moissanite, if you bring it to an open flame, will very quickly change its color: it will turn greenish. You can heat using an alcohol lamp, a lighter, or a simple match. In this case, even microscopic inclusions will become noticeable. When checking the crystal in this way, extreme care must be taken. If moissanite becomes very dark from overheating, then it will be completely impossible to restore its original transparency.

  • Ultraviolet radiation

Charles & Colvard, which received a patent for the production of moissanite, has developed a UV-based tester of its own production. Using a tester, the amount of visible light that is transmitted by diamond, but which delays artificial moissanite, is determined.

  • Analysis of electrical conductivity

Synthetic moissanite does not have one common parameter. Each crystal will have its own conductivity, different from the others. A portable tester has already been developed that can carry out identification even when a person holds a crystal in his hand. This tester is the smallest of all existing.




Where to Buy Moissanite stone?

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