Five Rules for Simple Promise Rings

How to choose perfect promise ring?


Nowadays, as well as hundreds of years ago, the Simple Promise Ring stands for love. Of course, the promises of love for each person have their own meaning, primarily it’s the hope of a long and happy life as a couple. It is important to know how to choose the right Simple Promise Rings for her and how to present this treasure.



Best Simple Promise Rings 


Rule 1

What is a Simple Promise Ring?

Simple Promise Rings are not the same as Engagement Rings. And this is worth remembering for both men and women. Not all Promise Rings lead to a wedding. As a rule, a man gives Simple Promise Ring to a woman to show his intention to become a family in the future, if for some reason he cannot propose now. This can be distant work, separation due to temporary geographic distance, or a temporary economic situation that prevents a man from making a commitment. Simple Eternity Promise Rings are a symbol of loyalty and dedication, signaling to the world that your relationship is serious, it is not just a short-term hobby. That is, for the most part, Simple Promise Rings are a preparatory stage for the engagement and this should be taken into account so that a special moment in the future (a real engagement) is not spoiled. We make Simple Promise Rings as a start to the recognition of a wonderful beginning with promises to expecting a great future.


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Rule 2

Whom to give Simple Promise Rings

Women usually receive Simple Promise Rings. But sometimes men also enjoy to wear this cute symbol of loyalty. Often couples can exchange these rings mutually and wear them instead of wedding rings on their wedding fingers. By the way, many people have purchased Simple Promise Rings for themselves when they overcame immense life obstacles such as addictions. This ring represents the success that brought the start of a new life. Others have bought this ring as a symbol of celebrating the success of meeting a personal career goal, overcoming other obstacles and fulfilling beyond goals in work or study.. Basically, Simple Promise Rings is a story about love, loyalty, the success and about hope of possible future marriage. Also, these rings should not be confused with rings of purity, which are purchased or given by parents to children to encourage abstinence before marriage.

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Rule 3

How to wear

In today's world, Simple Promise Rings are worn on any finger. Most often it is the ring or middle finger of the left hand. After getting married, many girls simply change their Simple Promise Rings from left hand to right. Or they simply add this ring to the wedding group. Men most often wear Simple Promise Rings on a chain around their neck.

Rule 4

Budget for Simple Promise Rings for her

The meaning of this ring is not to show your economic power, but to consolidate the promise of love given to a certain person. Since such promises are usually made in youth, then there is usually no big money for Simple Promise Rings for her at that time. Typically, the budget for Simple Promise Rings for her is on average $ 300-500 when it comes to 14K Gold with small natural diamonds. If you replace diamonds with moissanite, then you can spend $ 200-400. The difference in this case is not too significant, since it is usually felt on stones from 1 carat. For Simple Promise Rings, gems between 1mm and 3mm are commonly used.

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Rule 5

What Simple Promise Rings look like

In this case, the keyword is Simple. A ring like this doesn't have to be too elaborate, fancy, or expensive. As a rule, this can be a "path" of small stones, topped with a larger diamond. The classic version is six stones of 1 mm and a central stone of 2.5 mm. Also popular are cluster rings, both with diamonds and colored gemstones such as emeralds or rubies. By the way, Birthstone is sometimes used for Promise Rings (these are precious stones that symbolize the month of birth).

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