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Ethically Sourced Gemstones

In our work, we are guided by an ethical and responsible attitude to jewelry production, labor practices and the environment. We care about the world so try to maximize the use of recycled gold and diamonds to reduce environmental damage. For example, 40% of diamonds in our products are reclaimed diamonds, that have been recut and repolished. We try to use them instead of the newly mined stones, which significantly reduces the impact on the environment and surrounding communities.




New Ethically Sourced Diamond Policy

Most of the diamonds on the jewelry market  now in the world are mined in Africa. But since there are many disputed regions and dubious companies along with ethics, we decided to work with the South Asian region. So the other 60% of our diamonds are from India. Unlike Africa, gem mining in India has a transparent system that protects those who work in it. Most of the stones in these regions often lie at a relatively shallow depth, and therefore there is little environmental damage.

Having over 10 years of gem business experience we know very well the deposits of India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand. We visit gem mines there often and know about the working conditions of the miners. We build strong personal relationships with the owners of mining companies, sorters and cutters. Very often in this region mining gemstones is a small family business.


Purchasing Сolored Stones

There are various specialized markets of Sri Lanka, Burma and India. Official auctions are also held regularly with government support. You can see every step of the gemstones supply chain. And each stone can be accompanied by a certificate upon your request.


Buying Diamonds

We purchase diamonds for our jewelry from Diamond Bourse members. This is the world's largest official diamond exchange. Only trusted certified companies and gem Laboratories, highly qualified cutters work there.

Bharat Diamond Bourse represents prominently in the international industry associations such as World Federation of Diamond Bourses, the International Diamond Manufacturers' Association, World Diamond Council, the Kimberley Process and World Diamond Mark.