Twig wedding band 

 Twig wedding band is one of the relatively new bridal fashion trends. Twig rings has become incredibly popular very quickly. Mainly because the appearance of the twig wedding band is very gentle and romantic. And since the last couple of years have become the most difficult and stressful in decades, the desire to wear rings with natural elements such as leaves and branches is quite justified.


There are so many varieties of twig wedding bands, but as a rule, such rings include elements with leaves, branches and flowers. We have selected seven perfect Twig wedding bands for you. If you still have questions - Go Custom! Ask for customization of this ring or make a completely new one. Feel free to contact:

7 Most Beautiful Twig Wedding Bands


Leaf Wedding Ring with Moissanite - $436


Olive Branch Ring with Diamonds - $466


Sapphire Floral Ring - $1392


Olive Tree Branch Ring - $182


Moissanite Floral Ring - $991

twig crown-ring-with-diamonds

Crown Twig Wedding Band with Diamonds - $266


Twig Wedding Band with Diamonds - $657

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