Power of color: Topaz jewelry

 The semi-precious stone topaz is transparent and is as pure as water in a cold mountain river. Topaz is November's birthstone. Magic blue gem is a stone of friendship and a symbol of wisdom for creative personalities.


History and Types of Topaz 


Topaz is often seen as blue but its palette is much wider as it can be pink, yellow, dark blue, green, but more often it is colorless. Topaz was first discovered on the island of Topazios in the Red Sea, where the mineral received its name. According to another version, the name of the stone comes from the word "tapas", which in translation from Sanskrit means "fire". Topaz is found in nature, crystals can be large, weighing up to hundreds of pounds. Topaz is found deep in the earth the closer the stone lies to the surface of the earth, the more faded is its color. The main deposits are concentrated in Brazil, the USA, Japan, Australia, and Burma.


Rich pink and purple tones are highly coveted. Also valued are blue, yellow, and golden brownstones. Diamond and emerald-cut topazes are most often used in jewelry. These large collectible gems are placed on the market either processed in the form of a cabochon or in their natural condition. The Eldorado topaz was found in 1986, in Brazil, weighing 31 000 carats. This stone is presently at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. There is also the American Gold Topaz weighing 23 000 carats. In 1965, another famous stone was found across the globe at the Volynskoye deposit in Ukraine. This amazing topaz weighs in at 4127 oz - is breathtaking to gaze at. It makes you wonder how something so beautiful could come from so deep under our earth's layers. 

This valuable mineral is mostly used, of course, in the jewelry industry creating sought-after necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.



Blue topaz jewelry 

Blue topaz is the most common color and by saturation, it is divided into three types. All of these colors are formed by an irradiation process:

  •   Sky Blue is a light blue color that exists in nature (with titanium ions) or is obtained through heat treatment or irradiation of colorless specimens. Is the color of a light blue sky.
  •   Swiss Blue is richer than blue and would come next. The result of irradiation with neutrons and electrons.
  •   London Blue is a transparent dark blue stone and can have hints of gray or green. Is obtained as a result of neutron irradiation.


    Who is best to wear Topaz jewelry?


    Topaz jewelry is appreciated most by those who in the course of their activities, have to communicate a lot with other people - diplomats, psychologists, and leaders. Topaz is known to bring good luck and help with recognizing deception in business dealings. As an amulet or talisman, topaz jewelry is best worn in gold in the form of a ring on the index finger; a pendant or earrings with topaz are also suitable.

     Beautiful Blue Topaz jewelry can be worn by almost all Zodiac signs. Especially Topas good fit for the November Scorpio and Sagittarius signs. Women wearing topaz jewelry are found to be irresistible and men are found to be endowed with reason and wisdom. Also, a wonderful gem will help Virgos and Lions. 


    For women - Leo according to the horoscope, astrologers advise yellow, orange, and red topaz to increase the financial status and be seen attractive in the eyes of men. Astronomers have noticed that when Libras wear Topaz it will be a talisman.


    Due to the fact that yellow topaz is associated with the color of precious metal, a belief was born about the ability of this stone to attract material wealth. The sunny colors of topaz bring optimism that will shine joy into your day, help You to feel the joy. These qualities are suitable for every horoscope sign.


    Ancient healers used topaz to treat the gastrointestinal tract for poisoning and ulcers. In addition, they believed that this stone could sharpen the taste sensations, so so topaz is often found decorating serving dishes. Topaz stones strengthen your immunity and have a calming effect that assists with nervous disorders. They have a calming effect and treat mental and nervous disorders.

    For childless married couples, a topaz amulet will help to acquire long-awaited offspring. Blue crystals promote wound healing and have hemostatic properties. Topaz on the neck can relieve broncho-pulmonary diseases.

    How to distinguish a fake


    Unfortunately, today many unscrupulous sellers pass off cheaper minerals or even fakes for topaz in order to reduce the cost of the finished product. But after your purchase, you want to be confident that your treasured stone is not refined quartz or even glass. 

    When buying Topaz jewelry, you want to get the exact, specified stone that you and not a fake. 

    How can you tell the difference between a Topaz stone and an imitation or fake?

    1.  Topaz is known for its strength and therefore a scratch test will determine the validity of the stone.
    2.  Natural stones are not excessively bright in color. Since minerals heat up slower than glass and plastic, you can feel the temperature differences when holding glass and Topaz in your hands.
    3.  Minerals heat up very slowly, unlike plastic and glass.
    4.  Natural stone is quickly electrified. You can check this by rubbing it with a piece of woolen cloth.

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