Special Immaculacy of Purity Rings

While everything is clear with engagement and wedding rings, the term "purity ring" may leave someone wondering. Why do we need such rings, who wear them and why have they gained their popularity in recent years?


More simply, the purity ring is the jewel of innocence, fidelity, and chastity. Its are usually worn before the wedding and symbolizes a commitment to stay pure until marriage.


Certainly, it is atypical to imagine that there are people who stay abstinent until marriage in the twenty-first century. Nevertheless, we can see this trend rising now. Maybe, it’s because young people are tired of total openness, accessibility and overwhelming vulgarity they are forced to see on screens of TVs, smartphones, and computers. When in order to get sex it’s enough just to spend a couple of minutes in a special application, the meaning of intimacy devalues in no time, and the intimate relationship becomes not so intimate.


For sure, there is no hope that the majority of young people will support a completely new, but such a positive philosophy. However, those who dare to build this kind of relationship will have appropriate jewels – delicate and gentle rings with words of love and promises of fidelity.





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